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Our first child, Caroline, was born June 5th, 2009. She has completely rocked our world. Patty stays home to take care of Caroline full time. Reagan is a computer programmer at PFS Web. We met Jan 9th 2004. Patty's best-friend from high school, Dixie, slyly matched us up. In July of 2004 we moved to Allen, TX for work. We married Oct 29th, 2005 and moved into our current house in Plano the following April. We also have two furry children named Annabell and Oliver. We love to travel. Throughout our marriage we have taken some incredible trips. We haven't gone anywhere with Caroline (other than Tulsa) yet but we're planning a family trip this summer.

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Shows we love

  • 30 Rock
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Eastbound and Down
  • Entourage
  • Lost (we have a love/hate relationship)
  • Modern Family
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Sopranos
  • The Daily Show
  • The Wire

Caroline's Favorite Activities

  • Hugging and kissing Annabell
  • Scaring Oliver
  • Eating solid foods
  • Laughing with Nana and Pappa
  • Playing with her baby friends
  • Climbing on her Mom and Dad
  • Playing with all her toys
  • Shopping with Mommy
  • Reading with Daddy


Welcome Home Daddy!

We missed you while you were in Jersey!


Random Updates with a Side of Stuffed Animals

This weekend was moving day for the Morris family. Saturday afternoon we went to their apartment to help. Mike and Leah (my bro and his fiance) were there helping too. It took all afternoon into the late evening to get them unpacked but the 6 and their dog are settled into their cute 3 bedroom apartment. Here's to hoping their house sells and their new house is built quickly! The kids all started camps and/or sports practices this week. I know this move is hard on them but I hope they meet some other great kids and settle into their new schools.

The big news with Reagan's family is Kathryn and Scott are engaged!! We are so happy for them and can't wait for Caroline to make her first appearance as the flower girl ;-)!

Tonight at bedtime Caroline insisted on having every stuffed animal and blanket she could find in her bed with her. Luckily we have a huge pile tucked away that she's forgotten about.


First Day of Tap Class

Tap class actually started last week but I was to afraid to leave the house with a newly potty trained girl and we had a doctors appointment right after class. We would have been away from home longer than I was comfortable with. So today was the first class for Caroline. In typical Caroline fashion she didn't like the part of class where she was being made to tap a certain way. She like the "freestyle" part of the class though (she looks just like Reagan but she's got some Redmond in her too!). The teacher let the kids dance with scarves however they wanted.



This morning we met a couple neighborhood kids at our community center. We live near a big pond/creek so we see lots of wildlife. Today there were three baby ducks stuck in the baby pool. Poor things were terrified of the two year olds laughing and chasing them. One of the other moms was able to catch them when they swam underwater and reunited them with their moms. The kids talked about the baby ducks the rest of the time we were down there.


Happy Birthday Peter

Today is my brother Peter's birthday! Peter keeps track of everyone's (in our immediate) birthday! There are 11 kids, 5 in-laws and 21 grandkids in our family which makes that a BIG job! He celebrates the life of each of us and has a knack for making us all feel special. I hope today he realizes how special he is and how much he is loved! Here is to you my brother! I love you more than words can say. You are a great man!

Potty training...or the hardest week of my life as a parent!

I realize this post might not be the most exciting post to many of you. However, I wanted to have a record of our experience so I'd remember the next time around. Thanks for enduring the subject ;-)!

There seems to be 2 popular school of thoughts right now for potty-training. One is to start early, closer to two and the other is waiting until the kid is closer to 3. I thought we'd wait till C was closer to 3. We didn't want to push her and for a long time she showed NO interest in the potty. In fact she seemed terrified of the potty. Until one day out of the blue a couple weeks ago she asked to sit on it. I was in shock but she actually went! I still felt like she was to young to start training but she wanted to go on the potty more and more. Then she started randomly taking off her diaper after she had gone in them. This was a HUGE frustration and mess for me. I got advice from a couple friends who had recently potty trained, read a couple "potty training tutorials", and picked a date when we didn't have much going on for several days. The weekend before I stocked up on cute panties, cleaning supplies, plastic bags, meals to throw in the crock-pot and some wine for me! Monday morning I told C we were getting rid of diapers except at nap times and she was only going to wear panties. The rules were she had to keep them dry and let Mommy know if she had to go potty. We started with a timer set for 25 minutes. When the timer would go off I'd rush her to the potty to try to go. This was a major frustration for both of us. She fought going to the bathroom and I learned that she can hold it for 3 to 4 hours at a time. We ended us using a different approach. Every time she started to dance around like she had to go or when she would start to go I'd scoop her up and say, "Let's go to the potty. You gotta keep your panties dry." She would get a M&M anytime she went at all in the potty even if she had started going on the floor in her pants. When she didn't want to sit on the potty I'd bride her by giving her paci or lipstick to put on. I had to "catch" her going EVERYTIME she had an accident so we were glued to the hips the first couple days (thus the reason for the crock pot meals - I couldn't occupy my time with cooking!). The first three days were really rough. Caroline is really head strong and did not want to be made to anything out of her control. Each day she had 15 to 20 accidents. I couldn't show her my frustration, all I could say was, "keep your panties dry and tell mommy when you need to go". At one point I had to go to the other room to cry because I was so frustrated! By the second day I had so many self doubts. Maybe I was starting to early or I was doing everything completely wrong....ahahahah! Towards the end of day 3 I was convinced I'd made a huge mistake! Then a miracle happened, she asked to go and made it to the potty without an accident. That was it. She has had a couple accidents since that moment but not many. She has even started yelling for me at nap time and night time to get her out of her crib so she can go potty!


Memorial Day Parade

I'm a little behind on uploading our pictures to my computer. These are pictures from the Memorial Day Parade our playgroup did. We visited a local retirement home and the kids passed out flags to the residents. It was one of the sweetest things I've ever seen. Seeing the residents face light up when the saw the kids melted my heart. The kids were so sweet too. They were saying hi and blowing kisses. I loved every minute and I'm so happy to be giving back to our community even if only in a small way. I'm thankful to be part of a playgroup that focuses on others too. What a great lesson to teach our kids!

I just realized I uploaded these pictures in the wrong order. The last picture showed be the first and vice-verse. I'm to lazy to go back and switch them around....so sorry ;-)!

Oliver climbed up on the lap of this woman (of course he was more interested in her TV than chit-chatting). She was so happy to have the company.
Parker and Caroline blowing kisses to a woman we met in the hall.
Here is the lady saying hi and complementing the kids on their wagon.
Caroline and Shelby walking the halls
Our caravan
Caroline with her buddy Parker. We lovingly call them brother and sister. They love each and fight with each other just like siblings!
Tutu and necklace are on. We're ready for the parade!
The gang waiting outside for everyone to get there.


Two fabulous!

Look who's TWO!
June 5th was Caroline's second birthday. Reagan's brother and sister, Justin and Kathryn, and Kathryn's boyfriend Scott flew out from LA for the big event. We didn't have a big party for her this year. Instead we took her to a water park the day before and hung out at our house the day of her birthday. Her best little friend Sam stopped in for a bit to wish her a happy birthday too. Amanda, Sam's mom, told us that she is expecting her 2nd baby in December. We are very excited for them and can't wait to meet the new addition to their family!

Opening presents!!
Aunt Kathryn helping her open the new pink vacuum she got her. This gift has helped my so much. Now when I vacuum Caroline grabs her own (instead of trying to steal my vacuum). She'll point to her's and say "mine" then point to my big vacuum and say "mommy's"! It's very cute.
Thanking Scott for his gift. Caroline LOVED Scott....a lot!
Opening one of the gifts from us.
Playing with her kitchen we got her (spoiled! The child is spoiled rotten!)
Opening her Bitty Baby from Nana and Papa
Thank you Papa Boone
Nana showing C how to put the Bitty Baby in the highchair
Hugs for Uncle Justin!
Uncle Justin helping her with the Sit-n-Spin her got her
She loves the big bouncey ball from Uncle JB also!
Cake Time!!
She knew the party was for her!
Happy birthday!!
After cake Sam and Caroline played in the water out back. I love this action shot of Sam sliding into the water.
Thank you Sam for coming by!


Swim Lessons

A couple weeks ago Caroline started swim lessons from our neighbor Renee who teaches in her backyard. Renee has been teaching class for years! There are kids in the neighborhood who are Reagan and my age that have taken classes from her. She is a great teacher. She's loving and wants the kids to have an excellent experience in the water. I'm amazed at how much C learned in only 8 classes. She can "swim" with her water wings for short periods of time. Her head bobs in and out of the water but she knows not to breath the water in and if she keeps kicking her head will stay above the water. The classes ended great but we got off to a rocky start.
I stayed inside with the other moms while the kids were outside with Ms. Renee. This is C screaming and having a fit trying to get away.

She got away! Yes, I'm hiding around the corner so my child can't see me!

I finally went outside to calm her down. We had a little heart-to-heart about how she needed to be brave and finish her class like a big girl. Along with her binky and lovey Angelina she finished her class with minimum tears.

Back in class (notice the paci and Angelina in the water)

The last day of class was 2 days before C's birthday so Ms. Renee hung the birthday flag.

Amazing! She is holding all 3 kiddos in the water.


All smiles!

C had a habit of trying on everyone's shoes during class.

Big girl feeling very proud of herself!
And again trying on shoes!

The last day Ms. Renee gave the kids a special treat: juice! Parker, one of C's good buddies, and C enjoying their treat.