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Plano, TX
Our first child, Caroline, was born June 5th, 2009. She has completely rocked our world. Patty stays home to take care of Caroline full time. Reagan is a computer programmer at PFS Web. We met Jan 9th 2004. Patty's best-friend from high school, Dixie, slyly matched us up. In July of 2004 we moved to Allen, TX for work. We married Oct 29th, 2005 and moved into our current house in Plano the following April. We also have two furry children named Annabell and Oliver. We love to travel. Throughout our marriage we have taken some incredible trips. We haven't gone anywhere with Caroline (other than Tulsa) yet but we're planning a family trip this summer.

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Shows we love

  • 30 Rock
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Eastbound and Down
  • Entourage
  • Lost (we have a love/hate relationship)
  • Modern Family
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Sopranos
  • The Daily Show
  • The Wire

Caroline's Favorite Activities

  • Hugging and kissing Annabell
  • Scaring Oliver
  • Eating solid foods
  • Laughing with Nana and Pappa
  • Playing with her baby friends
  • Climbing on her Mom and Dad
  • Playing with all her toys
  • Shopping with Mommy
  • Reading with Daddy


Random pictures

I finally got around to downloading the 500 plus pictures on one of our SD cards. At some-point I'll download the pics from the other card. Here are a couple that bring a smile to my face. Enjoy!!
Walking Annabell
"Ummm, I'm thinking"
Playing in the "sandbox" at our neighborhood park. Sandbox=volleyball court
Reading with her buddy Ryan
When I say "Let's go bye-bye" she walks to the door and tries to open it.
Feeding herself
"Forget the spoon, this is much easier with my hands!"
Playing Duck Derby. She won the biggest prize but only wanted with the little Dora doll.
Riding on Daddy's shoulders
Aunt Kathryn came to visit (I'll post more pics of the visit once I get those pics from the other card)

Tutu and Tie Play-date

This week we hosted a Tutu and Tie play-date for our playgroup. The girls dressed in tutus and the boys in ties. (We borrowed the creative idea from one of our Mommy friends). We had so much fun. Our house was FULL of moms and little toddlers. Someone said the count was 29!!

Caroline all dressed up ready for the party to start
Cupcake holder: This sums up what we do at a play-date. We eat and play.
Our buddy Ryan in his tie shirt
Little William had just come from the docs office. He was having a hard day.
Sophia looking super cute!
A few of the moms chit-chatting
William dressed in his tux

Our sweet friend Carey and her son Parker
I love Ian's knitted tie shirt his Grandma made
Beautiful Gabrielle
Strutting her stuff!
Sitting on her "snack mat" for a little break during the party

Eating a yummy cupcake for dinner!


Last week after our Tumble Tykes class we met Nana for story-time. There is a little toy shop with a tea parlor in the back within walking distant from story-time. Nana took us there for a special tea-party lunch. Caroline was on her best behavior (I think she new it was a special lunch). She sat and ate like a big girl.


Horse-back Riding

Last weekend we went to my cousin Colleen's house for a BBQ. Colleen has several horses, a donkey, dogs, exotic birds, a cat and bunny and a chicken (Yes, just one. The others were eaten by a coyote). It's a pretty cool place. Colleen let Caroline sit on one of her horses. I think she liked it but was a little scared.


15 month doctor visit

Yesterday Caroline had her 15 month visit. She got a A+ (I wonder if they give kids Bs or Cs). She is right on track. Last post I mentioned her doctor kit and my plan to get her use to the equipment used to examine her. My plan worked! Dr. Weiser was so sweet and took a few minutes to let Caroline play doctor on her with her toy tools. Then it was doctor Weiser's turn to "play doctor". Caroline went right along with the game with no tears. That was the first time she hasn't cried when her ears and mouth were being examined. When Dr. Weiser told her to open her mouth and say "ahhhh" she did it just like we practiced. This was the smoothest trip to the doctor we've had. She also got 3 shots which she did not like. She kept giving the nurse the stink eye after the shot. Later that evening she would see the bandages from the shots, point to them and whine. It was very heart-breaking to watch.

Below are her stats and a pictures.

Weight: 21lbs 7 oz 25%
Height: 31.5 in 90%
Head: 18.1 in. 50%
On the examine table with her doctor kit
"I'm ready Dr. Weiser"