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Plano, TX
Our first child, Caroline, was born June 5th, 2009. She has completely rocked our world. Patty stays home to take care of Caroline full time. Reagan is a computer programmer at PFS Web. We met Jan 9th 2004. Patty's best-friend from high school, Dixie, slyly matched us up. In July of 2004 we moved to Allen, TX for work. We married Oct 29th, 2005 and moved into our current house in Plano the following April. We also have two furry children named Annabell and Oliver. We love to travel. Throughout our marriage we have taken some incredible trips. We haven't gone anywhere with Caroline (other than Tulsa) yet but we're planning a family trip this summer.

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Shows we love

  • 30 Rock
  • Curb Your Enthusiasm
  • Eastbound and Down
  • Entourage
  • Lost (we have a love/hate relationship)
  • Modern Family
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Sopranos
  • The Daily Show
  • The Wire

Caroline's Favorite Activities

  • Hugging and kissing Annabell
  • Scaring Oliver
  • Eating solid foods
  • Laughing with Nana and Pappa
  • Playing with her baby friends
  • Climbing on her Mom and Dad
  • Playing with all her toys
  • Shopping with Mommy
  • Reading with Daddy


New Pics and Nana's visit

The last couple weekends here in the 'burbs have been devoted to house projects. Nana has been nice enough to come help with Caroline while Reagan and I get work done. Below are a couple pictures of her and Caroline. I've also added some new pictures of Caroline just cause I think they are cute.

She amazes me everyday with new things she does. She's stood on her own for a couple seconds twice! I think she will be ready to start walking way before Reagan and I are ready! She also makes us laugh all the time. One of her new favorite games is to put a blanket over the dogs and take it off as I say "there they are". She laughs which makes us laugh. Annabell and Oliver don't think it's quite as funny.

Sitting with Mom

She loves her Daddy
Hanging out with Dad

The 3 Amigos!

Taking a walk with Nana

Sitting with Nana

Reading with Papa

Standing in her soccer outfit

Lounging after a bath with her new robe from Aunt Mary

She looks like she's been caught red-handed

This is how Caroline asks for more food.

Bananas stuffed in her cheeks.


Snow Day!

I'm sure all of you have heard that Dallas got a record amount of snow yesterday. Twelve inches at DFW is completely unheard of! Today I took Caroline out in the snow to play and walk around the block in her tricycle. I bundled her up so she looked like the kid from The Christmas Story. Below are a few pictures of our adventure.

First layer of clothing: footed pjs

Second layer: Shirt, pants, socks, hat and mittens

Third layer: Polar fleece pants and shirt and shoes

Fourth layer: Another hat, second pair of mittens and a coat

Playing in the snow

She's not sure what to think

When in doubt taste it

She likes it! Yummy snow!

Took her for a walk

She spotted a puppy across the street. She loves dogs!

Caroline and Mommy in our backyard.

I make Mommy laugh!


Whose Eyes?

Caroline has a unique eye color. Sometimes they look blueish gray, other times brown and at times dark green. Reagan has brown eyes and I have blue eyes so we weren't sure where her eye color came from. Then the other day I was looking through our old pictures and came across the one below. In this photo her eye color looks just like her cousin 'Big' Chris (both my sisters have sons named Chris so the older one we call Big Chris and the younger we call Little Chirs). This picture was taken in October when Big Chris came to Dallas to meet Caroline.....and hang out with me, his favorite aunt ;-).

Baths and Bikes

Caroline is growing up so fast. I'm amazed every day by her imitating our actions and figuring out how things work. One morning last week I went into her room to get her and she was "clicking" her tongue like I do. It was so cute! She is also growing in size and getting more and more active. She wants to stand on everything. I had been giving her a bath in her baby bath on our kitchen counter until last week. She kept grabbing the side of the bath and standing. I decided it was time for her to move to the big girl bath tub. Below are pictures of her first bath. She loves bath time as you can see from her smile!
Of course she loves to stand in the bath.

She loves her ducky!

Also thanks to her Great Aunt Kathy we bought her a tricycle. It's one that converts from infant to toddler trike. The infant mode as a harness and cage like thing to hold her in. When she gets older the harness and cage comes off and it converts to a regular tricycle. Everyday we take several laps around our living room and kitchen. She thinks it's pretty cool. We can't wait for the weather to warm up so we can take her along the trail by our house.Caroline on her new bike!

You can see her 2 bottom teeth.

She looks so proud of herself here.

Fake Boone smile!